Who Is The Topmost Blogger In The World?

Who is the topmost blogger on the internet? I have been trying to find out everything about the top writers on the web. However I haven’t been able to make any major inroads. Every writing site publishes its own top writer list. But that’s a very narrow list and would give you no idea on the top writers in the web world. When I say top, it is based on the product of quantity and quality of stuff that he or she has written. I have seen some web sites where writers have written as many as 5000 articles. But

I presume even that is a low number.

Alessandra De faria on iwriter.com has produced 10911 articles in not more than 2 years. It seems as if she is the Queen of writing. She writes for clients and I am not aware if she has any blogs of her own. Nearly 11000 articles in 2 years is really stunning. She has a rating of 4.7 on iwriter which makes her an elite writer. From whatever I have seen so far she has writing 20-25 articles every day and she writes literally on anything. That’s really a whopping number and you should be really a quality writer with diverse interests to write as much.

I don’t know what

the pshyche of these writers is. Writing 20 articles day-in and day-out is unbelievable but that’s what makes them really the top writers. The more you produce the more you earn and unless you are writing as a full-time professional that’s not really possible. I am yet to decipher how writers like de faria can be so much efficient and productive. I mean she or he whoever it is is writing for the client and would need approvals to get money. How could anyone write 20-25 pieces in a day for a client and still maintain a rating as high as 4.7 is beyond my wits.

Here on expertscolumn we have Megamatt09 who has written close to 1700 articles. Although the chances can’t be ruled out I am yet to find out someone who has written 20,000+ articles on the web. Here are some of the websites that list the top and best bloggers in the world



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