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Fundamental difference between Social Science research and Natural Science Research
Published By samprad78 on 2012-10-13 7934 Views

What is the fundamental difference between Social Science research and Natural Science Research?

Social science and Natural science research help in the growth and development of economies.
In Social science Research we commonly find subjectivity. In natural science you will always see objectivity.

In Social Science research personal prejudices and bias may distort the data and hence the conclusion. In natural science research personal prejudices and bias do not affect the roles the data or result.

Social scientist lab is society or world at large and a social scientist has no control over the equipments or factors that influence them. Natural Scientists work in lab where they can control the conditions and environments.

In social science research the result of investigation are at best generalizations. In natural science research the results of investigations are well defined by natural laws.

Social phenomena are known as symbolically through words as welfare, tradition or systematic. Natural science phenomena can be best known directly through our senses like eyes, ears and nose.

The data obtained in social sciences may vary simultaneously. The data obtained in physical sciences is more reliable and consists of actual results.

The rate of progress of social science research is less due to less availability of finance. The rate of progress in scientific research is very high due to high availability of finance.

To sum up, one can easily say that though both sciences are having certain shortcomings both have played significant role in socio-economic and technological developments of many undeveloped and well developed economies.

In short, the major differences between social science research and natural science research lie more in the object than in the subject. The natural scientist bases all his analysis on the data he or she gathers through scientific methods. On the contrary, the social scientists who are known for their outstanding research work do not take a scientific view in day to day affairs of life and society.

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