How To Write Articles For Newbies

Writing articles may seem easy but there is still more to do than to just get your work published.

The two title published should have more meaning to the article. Writing two words doesn't mean much if you don't put the effort into your title. Readers click on an article if they find the title of interest or if they are curious to read more on the title mentioned.

An example, if you have a title like this, 'Drugs and Teenagers,' it won't mean much to me because I need to know more than just that. Maybe it would work for some

readers what about the other hundreds who will ignore it. Rather write, 'How To Avoid Teenagers Taking Drugs.'

Not every one knows the work it takes to put a quality article out here to draw the daily readers.
Every article must be thoroughly proofread, edit and edit, read aloud and make sure the article makes sense before publishing. A good writer accepts any bad or good comments. Criticism works for writers depending on how one reacts to the comments. It is vital for the individual to learn more about the writing field.

Be conventional in your writing,

that is if you want to earn a living from your articles. Write articles that are simple to read and understand, that are informative and have great meaning in the heading. Don't ignore the heading of your article, that explains your actual article. You don't want to leave a reader looking blank at your title and not knowing what it is about.

English-speaking people don't often read and write the same language. Sometimes because of the dialect it is difficult to understand the other English-speaking person. Speak slowly to know what the other is saying.

In writing or by just reading the newspaper, you must understand the message sent across.
Depending on the kind of English you use your readers will continue to read your articles. I have many American followers and Canadians as well, and most of the regions and each generation understands English differently. Communication can be a problem if you don't focus on the way you present the quality article.

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  • nicnacpen  19-11-2015

    Wow! Thank you so much for this article. I'm new in writing online with no writing skills and English is just my second language. I found your article very informative and I found out that there are much more to learn in article writing than memorizing its format.

    I was amaze to find out that there are different types of English Person and that it varies per region they are staying. It is really cool on how this all are connected on article writing from the writer to the reader.

    I hope I could learn more and improve in article writing. Thank you so much for this article

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