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How to choose a family doctor?
Published By samprad78 on 2013-02-10 24 Views

Doctors are probably our best friends because they get us cured from the most deadly diseases and health problems. But who are the best doctors? Obviously doctors gain a lot from experience. If you were to go to a doctor who is just out of a medical college and is practising in his first year then obviously the chances of he being exceptional are very rare. I am yet to fine such a rare quality doctor. The most of them I know have grown by experience and the number of patient cases they have handled.

But what are the things that you would really admire from a doctor? I think personally I admire doctors who can diagnose problems with relative easy. They must have an eye for detail and must be able to diagnose the root cause of issues just by checking your pulse and looking into your eyes. That’s wishful thinking isn’t it? Doctors are not really gods. They require a lot of tests and examinations to make sure that they get to the crux of the problem. From my personal experience, I remember only 2 quality doctors that could handle my case with sheer ease and with least possible diagnosis. I used to be assured that if I visit these doctors I would be off to work the very next day. That’s the primary quality that I look when I choose a family doctor.

The timings of the doctor must be suitable to you. I am of the firm opinion that doctors who are patient pullers are not essentially the best. For my son, I always used to visit a child specialist and majority of the times he used to prescribe the same set of medicines. These medicines used to be available only in the chemist shop opposite to his clinic. Every visit required me to pay $10. Now, I was not against that but the attitude thrown by the doctor was really unneeded. Once he asked me how many strips of tablets my son had consumed. I told him that it was as per the prescription he had provided earlier. Now the doctor got agitated and told me if I don’t know the number of strips then I should not be at his place. I was disgusted by his attitude. He really didn’t have any humility and the way he made remarks was quite disgusting. I immediately found a new doctor for my son.

Humbleness and soft spoken mannerisms are 2 important qualities of a good family doctor.

So, how would you like your family doctor to be?

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