Earning From Home Is Possible If Itís Your Business And Not Anyone Elseís - Part 6

If you click on the link to register on the site it asks you for details like phone number, home address and all sorts of personal details. It says that currently they are offering 50% off. Yes, there is a discount of 50% on god knows what. Probably it’s registration fees for some work that you will do from home. The site says that it comes to around 3500 odd INR after the discount. If you click on ‘close’, the site displays a prompt and the amount reduces to around 2200 INR. It’s clearly a way of trapping you into

buying something that is unwarranted.

I don’t believe that the site would have real people enrolled. 95% profiles ought to be fake. The rest are probably scapegoats who in a haste of making fast money entered the trap and now have nowhere to go. People on the site are claiming that they earn 7000 INR per day. It’s simply not possible even if you were to sell any affiliate products with a chunk of networking links. I am yet to hear from a genuine person who has worked from home and earned that much of bounty.

My verdict is that the site is 100% fake and

is only misleading people. Even if 10 or 20 people can be trapped then it’s great for them because the investment cost is hardly anything. Even facebook can’t rule out the sponsored link because apparently someone pays for it. So there is no way of knowing that the site is fake. But as a consumer we need to keep our eyes open and not trust anything that looks amazing.

Here is my outlook on this entire thing called ‘Work from home and earn money’. Work from home can have various ways of doing it through genuine means. 1st is when you work on research articles and do some market research, provide data, fill up surveys and questionnaires on specific products and brands that you are aware of. Such online projects will help you earn a maximum of 10,000 INR per month and nothing more.


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